A natural cork stopper manufactured using a first-rate sealant with a water-based coating 

Created by the world leader in closures for wine, the innovative Advantec® stopper
features all of the preventive and corrective measures to combat TCA, developed by Amorim,
including the internationally-recognized ROSA® system.

Designed to be a standard in closures for high-rotation wines, Advantec® is simply an
unbeatable solution in terms of price, sensory and technical performance.

Physical - Mechanical
Characteristic Specification
Length l ± 1,0 mm
Diameter d ± 0,5 mm
Ovalisation ≤ 0,7 mm
Moisture 4% — 8%
Specific Weight 250 — 330 kg/m3
Extraction Force 20 — 40 daN

Characteristic Specification
Peroxide Content ≤ 0,1 mg/stopper
Dust Content ≤ 3 mg/stopper

Characteristic Specification
Visual Grade Reference ≥ -5%

Standard Dimensions
44 x 23 MM 38 x 23 MM