Helix Cork

A cork stopper for still wines

A cork stopper for still wines, made for helix wine bottles. The “pop” heard as the cork is released are beloved parts of the wine experience. Consumers can enjoy the “pop” without the need for a corkscrew, thanks to Helix. 

Helix enables wine consumers to open the bottle simply by holding and twisting the cork stopper. After opening, the bottle can be closed with the same convenience.

Physical - Mechanical
Characteristic Specification
Length l ± 1,0 mm
Diameter d ± 0,5 mm
Moisture 4% — 9%
Specific Weight 240 — 320 kg/m3

Characteristic Specification
Peroxide Content ≤ 0,1 mg/stopper
Dust Content ≤ 3 mg/stopper

Standard Dimensions
37 x 29 x 24 MM