Neutrocork® Premium Stopper

A recent evolution of the Neutrocork® stopper, which guarantees perfect performance of wines stored up to 36 months in the bottle

The NeutrocorkⓇ  Premium stopper is the most recent evolution of the NeutrocorkⓇ  stopper. It guarantees perfect performance of wines stored for up to 36 months in the bottle. 

This latest generation stopper uses patented ROSA High TechⓇ steam sterilisation system, which is an evolution of the previous ROSAⓇ  treatment system, providing even deeper sterilisation in the cellular structure of cork. This eliminates the invasive volatile substances that may potentially be present and maintains the natural characteristics of cork unchanged, even with micro-granulated products. There is no need to insert any plastic expansion substance.

Physical - Mechanical
Characteristic Specification
Length l ± 1,0 mm
Diameter d ± 0,4 mm
Ovalisation ≤ 0,3 mm
Moisture 4% — 9%
Specific Weight 240 — 320 kg/m3
Extraction Force 20 — 40 daN

Characteristic Specification
Peroxide Content ≤ 0,1 mg/stopper
Dust Content ≤ 3 mg/stopper

OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate)
Characteristic Specification
12 Months 1,08 mg of O2
24 Months 1,13 mg of O2
36 Months 1,16 mg of O2

Standard Dimensions
38 x 24 MM 44 x 24 MM

* Average value and according to the method defined in the ISO 20752 standard.