Spark® Stopper

A closure for the best Champagne and sparkling wines

The SparkⓇ stopper has acquired a privileged status as a closure for the best Champagne and Sparkling Wines. Resulting from intensive scientific and technological research, the SparkⓇ stopper achieves the highest levels of physical, chemical and oenological performance. Its outstanding mechanical behavior and ease of bottling are fundamental advantages. 

Physical - Mechanical
Characteristic Specification
Length l ± 0,5 mm
Diameter d ± 0,3 mm
Ovalisation ≤0,3 mm
Moisture 4% — 9%
Specific Weight 230 — 290 kg/m3

Characteristic Specification
Dust Content ≤ 1 mg/stopper

Standard Dimensions
48 x 30.5 MM 47 x 29.5 MM 48 x 31 MM