Twin Top® Evo Stopper

An advanced version of the popular Twin Top® stopper, with high-grade natural cork discs at both ends and a micro-agglomerate cork body, recommended for wine with fruity or floral notes to be stored in the bottle for up to 36 months.

The Twin Top® Evo stopper is the advanced version of the popular Twin Top® technical stopper,  ideal for wines with fruity and floral notes, and is recommended for wine to be bottled for up to 36 months. 

Comprising of an individually-molded micro-agglomerate cork body and a disc of high-grade natural cork at each end, the Twin Top® Evo stopper assures higher homogeneity and greater physical and mechanical resistance. 

Physical - Mechanical
Characteristic Specification
Length L ± 1,0 MM
Diameter D ± 0,4 MM
Ovalisation ≤ 0,3 MM
Moisture 4% — 9%
Specific Weight 250 — 330 KG/M3
Extraction Force 20 — 40 DAN

Characteristic Specification
Peroxide Content ≤ 0,1 MG/STOPPER
Dust Content ≤ 3 MG/STOPPER

OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate)
Characteristic Specification
12 Months 1,2 MG of O2
24 Months 1,29 MG of O2
36 Months 1,34 MG of O2

Standard Dimensions
44 x 24 MM